The Tariqabad division, the IESCO special?


ISLAMABAD: Residents of Tariqabad department, have your recent electricity bills given you a shock like the rest of the country? If so, here’s what you need to know about it.

Electricity bills have several elements, often very confusing, especially if you look at the underlying calculations. Often we think the distribution company (DISCO) made a mistake and charged more than what is actually due.

Profit collected billing data to understand what happened with respect to fuel cost adjustments (FCA). While analyzing invoices from different regions, an anomaly was discovered. Data collected from several bills showed that there was an anomaly in the FCA for July billing month in Tariqabad division which falls under the jurisdiction of Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO).

To better understand what is being discussed, it is important to understand the concept behind FCA. Each month, if you view the breakdown of the total amount payable, you will see “Fuel cost adjustment”; this is billed on a deferred basis to take into account variations in the price of the fuel used to generate electricity.

For further clarification, if you look at the July bill under the historical annual data provided, a single sentence reads: “Fuel price adjustment for May 22 at 7.9040/KWH”. This is where the FCA calculation comes from, multiplying the units consumed in May by this rate will give the amount of the adjustment cost.

However, this was not the case for the Tariqabad division. When the data was compiled by Profit, the figures did not verify. dig deeper Profit learned that for the division, the FCA loads included May as well as April whereas this was not the case in the other divisions or the other regions.

It is clear from the summary of the calculations that consumers in Lahore or other divisions of Islamabad were only charged the granted cost for May during the billing month of July.

Whereas in the case of Tariqabad consumers, looking at column “D”, all three consumers were apparently overcharged.

There is, however, an explanation that comes from the IESCO. The utility company said meter readings were not taken due to the Eid holiday and this is reflected in the bills where a section was marked the particular month as ‘LK’ or locked.

Although the calculations mostly check except that if the FCA for April and May is added and then subtracted from the amount shown on the invoice, there is still a difference of around Rs10 which has been undercharged .

In case someone wants to double check their FCA numbers and figure out how they were billed, the process should now be easier.


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