Sarasota nonprofit on a mission to help those affected by the Kentucky floods


A Bay Area nonprofit is collecting donations and supplies for those hardest hit by the devastating Kentucky floods.

As images of the Kentucky floods flashed through Matt Tuggle’s phone, he knew he had to help.

“I saw the flooding and everyone struggling and people losing their homes and cars. I immediately started driving, asking for donations and organizing a supply drive at Osprey First Baptist Church. I asked people to drop off items and supplies,” he explained. .

Less than 12 hours later, Matt Tuggle and volunteers were on the road with donations.

“We’re trying to fill the void. A lot of big agencies have a response time,” he said.

Matt Tuggle is the founder of OneMission Disaster Response.

“We want to fill that void, we want to get there and start getting people the supplies and the help they need right away,” he shared.

Serve runs through Matt Tuggle’s veins. In Sarasota, he’s a deputy sheriff, but in his spare time he goes wherever he’s needed.

“I’ve seen different disasters with hurricanes and working in government I’ve responded to different disaster areas. This is one of the worst I’ve seen,” he shared.

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It hit home for Matt Tuggle’s mother, Denise.

“It’s my hometown and when he said it my heart broke, because I had been through floods up there, but never a flood like this. It was utter devastation. It’s called Troublesome Creek, but when we saw it, it was one of the biggest rivers I’ve ever seen and wiped out everyone,” she said.

Damaged car and house in Kentucky.

As volunteers traveled to Hazard, Ky., Perry County, Home Depot, Sonny’s and others filled the space left in their trailer. When they arrived, donations were essential.

“They were so grateful because when we got there they said they just ran out of water and the mothers were calling and they had nothing for the babies, and we had all these diapers , formula,” Denise Tuggle said.

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Their mission is far from over. They plan to return with even more gift-packed trailers.

OneMission Disaster Response volunteers carrying water.

“I just think of all these people, all the pain they were going through. All we could do was rush to get there,” Denise Tuggle said.

OneMission Disaster Response is organizing additional fundraisers. They will work with Osprey First Baptist Church and SOLE-Supporters of Law Enforcement.

LINK: Learn more about OneMission Disaster Response at

Anyone interested in helping please email [email protected]


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