Refreshing Earnings Record Again, Quantum Hegemony’s Key Leading Position


Recently, the international high-level blockchain discussion group “Times Technology Blockchain Analysis Team”, the three new technical directors of the Taiwan division led the Taiwan division after the transition of leadership positions in September. The students achieved a high level of profit performance and once again refreshed the PvTv (profit value trading volume) record of the world’s highest team on Wall Street. The prestige is spreading all over the world again and really creating a higher quality income ladder. He also made a public appearance in the media about the computational data and process of his “Quantityindex System of Quantum Computer”.

The Wall Street Investment Institute said: The “Quantityindex System of Quantum Computer” publicly disclosed its operational computing data and application information in the media this time, especially in “a puzzle than a traditional computer that can be called the most powerful in the world that takes 10,000 years to solve.” However, the same puzzle actually only took the “Quantityindex System of Quantum Computer” “three minutes” to complete the calculation, once again proving more than it can lead the group to become the key leading position in the era of quantum hegemony, and fully demonstrate the characteristics of ‘quantum supremacy’ and become an important step in creating a technological revolution.

A few days ago, internal news from Times Technology Blockchain Analysis Team came out at the same time the group was originally scheduled to hold the quarterly celebration in October. For the first time, students with profit grades of A+ or higher from various countries were invited to come to the quarterly celebration where they were invited to receive prizes. Due to the enthusiastic response from divisions in various countries and the strong demand for more places, after a resolution at the general meeting, he not only agreed to add ten award places, but also postponed the date of the celebration in November so that these students can take the last opportunity with no regrets and work hard for themselves again and fight for the honor of being invited into the group!

This morning, Group Chief Marketing Officer Suze Orman also confirmed the above news during the press conference and announced: Times Technology Blockchain Analytics Team Shareholders Meeting has no only publicly praised the Taiwan division for this year’s outstanding performance, but also made an exception due to performance and agreed at the urging of the division’s technical director and community users, and specially released 20 places to schedule tutorials, so that students from the Taiwan Division in the Asian region can be given priority to compete for the opportunity to be invited to the seat for prizes. It is also expected that all community users in the divisions of various countries can take this opportunity to accelerate the achievement of their own goals and come together to celebrate the big event!

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