Non-profit organization launches ‘fight against food’ for a good cause


SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – The Shenango Valley is in an ongoing “food fight” for a good cause.

A non-profit group, the Lady Scouts, started this fight to help the Community Food Warehouse. They help set up food drives at several businesses in the area.

Since August 12, more than 60 companies have participated.

The warehouse needs help stocking the shelves more than ever. The organization is in short supply. The shelves are only filled to 30% of their capacity.

Community Food Warehouse greatly appreciates the efforts of Lady Scouts and the community.

“The outpouring was truly amazing. We are so excited here at the Food Warehouse to see how this turns out. I know they kind of did the math and figured if each company collected 60 pounds of food, that would equal one ton of food, non-perishable items collected,” said Sarah Worthington, Development Manager.

Sarah says food isn’t the only necessity. They also need toiletries and even baby items like formula and diapers.

“The need doesn’t go away just because the holidays are over. The need remains throughout the year, which is why this time of year really is the perfect time to collect. We can help put food in people’s cupboards before the holidays and when the kids go back to school,” Worthington said.

The food battle lasts until September 1st. It’s a friendly competition between local businesses, so you can go donate to your favorite to help them earn bragging rights.

If you want to get in on the action and donate, there are plenty of drop off points in the Shenango Valley.

Here are the participating companies as of August 12:

  • 4:13 Living room
  • Consolidated Allegheny
  • Allie’s Sweet Tooth
  • Allstate Insurance – Gary Ceremuga
  • Banjak Heating/Cooling
  • Barris Supply
  • Ben Bisset Chevrolet
  • Better Life Shop
  • Bliss Hair Studio
  • Hermitage City
  • Cross home care
  • Equipment rental options
  • Upgrade the gym
  • First National Bank (multiple locations)
  • Wealth Management ETFs
  • G&J Fencing
  • Gilbert’s risk management solutions
  • Girl Scouts
  • The essentials of good nature
  • Guardian Filtration Products
  • Haitian feel
  • Happy Tales Animal Hospital
  • Hermitage Police Station
  • Hickory VFW
  • Hickory grid
  • Barth & King Hill
  • Howard Hanna Real Estate
  • It’s all about you
  • IXL Gym
  • Jamestown Painting Co
  • Joanow Legal Group/Counsel
  • Lori Rollinson Lounge
  • Mercer Co. Bar Association – Mercer
  • Mercer County Federal Credit Union (3 locations)
  • Minuteman Press – Hermitage
  • Mohr well drilling
  • Nancy’s Tavern
  • Open signs
  • Pelto Property Maintenance
  • Poppy Road Shop
  • Senior Chiropractic
  • Reynolds Drive-In
  • Reynolds Services, Inc.
  • Salem tube
  • Shawnee Optical
  • Simply Vintage
  • Smother the brothers
  • St. Paul Senior Living Community
  • Synergy Comp
  • The Sharon Herald
  • Touch of Class Lounge
  • Webb Vineyard
  • Whole life services

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