Midland non-profit partners with local agency to collect baby items


MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) – The Midland Rainbow Room and “The Agency” Kerry Payne James are teaming up to collect baby items after the room was hit by a storm in May.

After months of undergoing repairs, they can finally return to this room, but with most of their belongings damaged.

The Rainbow Room is an emergency resource room designed to meet the basic needs of children and families in times of crisis.

Midland Rainbow Room chair Kelsie Rasure says they had to get rid of the majority of their items.

“So a lot of that sat in the water for a very long time, it just rotted, the ceiling tiles caused a lot of damage to our resources that we worked so hard to provide. I would say we had to get rid of 85-90% of what we had,” Rasure said.

The Rainbow Room is located on the first floor of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services office in Midland.

Volunteers say the leak came from the second floor, descended to them, and for security reasons they were only able to enter the room last month.

Once the volunteers were able to get cleared to return to the room, they got help from the “agency”, the Kerry Payne Real Estate team, to help them start that journey and get them back on track. foot.

Erica Cross, Marketing Director of The Agency, says real estate is their passion, but helping Midland nonprofits is something else they try to do every year.

“And when I saw Kelsie is with the Rainbow Room, and there was all the damage, I thought that was the perfect fit to educate the community, so we’re heading to the nursery together, basically like a baby,” Cross said.

Rasure says they had a room full of supplies before the storm and this nursery collection will help them find any items they lost.

“We’re so grateful to the agency that you know it’s people like them that make us aware and I was telling them earlier that people really jump at the chance to help once they know how they can help “, said Rasure.

Cross says they have a conference room full of baby items like clothes, pacifiers, diapers, formula and toys.

The collection ends at the end of the month and they will start bringing all the supplies to the Rainbow Room on November 3.

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