How to Calculate Bitcoin Profit in 5 Easy Steps


Being a part of the entire cryptocurrency industry is a big step that more and more people are deciding to take. While most of them still have a lot of questions and uncertainties about this, they are more willing than ever to join millions of others and invest money in digital currencies. As the most popular and valuable virtual currency, bitcoin is leading the way when it comes to the number of people who own it and choose it as their primary crypto. Diversifying your portfolio is a must, as keeping all of your eggs in one basket is not advisable, but most of an average investor’s balance still tends to be in bitcoin.

Given this fact, new investors and enthusiasts usually don’t think about which crypto to take on from the start. They buy or acquire an initial amount of BTC first and then branch out later until they find what works best for them. However, one important question remains in their mind during all this time, and that is how they can calculate their bitcoin profit. Is something like this possible and if so what is the easiest way to do it? You will be happy to know that it is more than possible to calculate bitcoin profit at any time and in this article we will tell you how. If you want to learn more about all of this, be sure to check out

The basic question


The most fundamental question about calculating bitcoin’s profit revolves around the initial investment and how it will be affected following changes in the price of bitcoin. How much will you have won or lost if the price of a single coin skyrockets or drops significantly? For example, a customer buys $ 60 worth of BTC when it was worth $ 30,000 per coin. How much will they have if the price suddenly jumps to $ 36,000 and how can they calculate it? Is there a formula that can help you figure out how much more the $ 60 is worth now that 1 BTC has jumped by a significant margin?

These are bogus but very viable scenarios that often linger in the minds of investors long before they make the initial investment and start trading. It is not only present not only to buy and hold as prices go up, but also to buy more, sell and trade BTC.

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If it’s a good time to have more BTC all of a sudden, can you calculate your potential profit based on how much money you’re willing to spend on a new batch of BTC?

Simple math

From what was mentioned earlier, it might seem like it’s quite complicated to calculate all of this. In reality, it’s actually simple, straightforward math that will be all you need to easily get the numbers you want. First of all, you should try to use fiat (traditional) currencies in your calculations. It is always best to use the United States dollar, as it is still the base currency for comparing all other currencies as well as the money the world revolves around. In some cases, you can also use the Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Japanese Yen (JPY), or Swiss Franc (CHF).

We will need a real situation and therefore a simple example with round numbers. Suppose the current price of 1 BTC is $ 10,000 and you bought it for $ 1,000. It’s easy to understand that you now own 0.10 BTC for the money you donated based on the current market value of the currency. If the price of BTC suddenly increases and now reaches $ 15,000, the value of your BTC will also be increased by the same 50%. Your balance will be worth $ 1,500 and if you decide to cash out on the spot, you will walk away with $ 500 in pure profit. Easy peasy. There is nothing rocket science behind this, and while it can be more difficult to do it with less rounded numbers and values, there are plenty of calculators and exchanges where you can accurately get the calculations you want. and see the profit you can get.


1. Take the money you spent on BTC
2. Check how much 1 BTC was worth at the time of purchase
3. Check the current value of 1 BTC
4. Calculate the difference between the old value (2) and the current value (3) as a percentage
5. Your profit as a percentage is the same as the difference in values ​​(4)

Trade and exchange


Another way to calculate your profit is to use satoshis. The lower unit of bitcoin is satoshi, named in honor of bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. A bitcoin is worth 100,000,000 satoshis. It works in the same way that cents are the least unit for dollars, and pennies for books. Satoshis are important because most currencies, unlike BTC, cannot be bought directly with traditional money. You need to own bitcoin first, then break it down into satoshis, then trade them for other cryptocurrencies. This is another reason why so many people get a batch of BTC first and then everything else.

The main reason for investing in alternative coins (altcoins) is to earn a better return than bitcoin. Here you will measure all your wins and losses against BTC, as all coins are traded against it and measured against it. So if you want to buy a crypto that is worth $ 0.30 per coin and use satoshis to get it, and it doubles to $ 0.60, you automatically have double the number of satoshis too and you can get them back into BTC, which results in more BTC. The downside is that sometimes bitcoin goes up in value on its own when you have other cryptos, so much so that it doesn’t make sense to buy anything other than holding BTC.

As you can see, the whole industry is very unpredictable and difficult to calculate and plan. There is a lot of randomness and luck involved and sometimes the same move that was once a money maker is now the cause of extreme loss. The volatility of bitcoin makes it difficult to calculate your profits in satoshis because you can never be sure of the accuracy. Free online converters and tools are your best and safest bet here, so be sure to find one.


1. Buy another cryptocurrency with satoshis
2. Check how much this crypto is worth against BTC
3. Wait for this crypto to rise in value
4. When it increases, your initial investment will be increased
5. Convert it to satoshis for BTC profit


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