Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven, founder of the nonprofit for military veterans, discusses a tragedy that ultimately claimed the lives of two brothers


LOS ANGELES, California, USA, Sept. 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven, Founder of Military Veteran’s Non-Profit, offers her thoughts on the recent tragedy that ultimately claimed the lives of two brothers.

According to a Fox News article, “The brother of a young Marine killed during the US withdrawal from Afghanistan is believed to have died by suicide a year later at a recent memorial service for the fallen serviceman. launches the corporal. Kareem Nikoui, 20, of Norco, California, was one of 13 American soldiers killed on August 26, 2021, when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive outside Kabul airport as crowds of ‘Americans and Afghan allies sought to flee the Taliban fighters taking control. of the capital”.

Dakota Halverson, the deceased soldier’s brother, committed suicide at a shrine built for his brother. It is crucial that survivors of fallen service members receive help to overcome their feelings and coping skills.

“This is a horrible tragedy and my heart is broken. My broken heart is for the loss of two sons and for their mother. The days and times we live in are filled with challenges and circumstances that we thought were would never exist in our lives,” says Dr. Bliven.

Dr. Bliven is a retired Master Sergeant and former Army Advisor. She founded Onward and Upward to fight military suicide and homelessness. War can end when a soldier returns home, but sometimes the battle has only just begun. The trials and tribulations associated with life after the military have lasting effects not only on soldiers but also on their family members.

“Sometimes these challenges and circumstances are so overwhelming that it takes more than ourselves to deal with them. We need each other’s care and compassion more than ever. Pay attention to the person on your right and the person on your left, their lives matter. concludes Dr. Bliven.

Dr AnnaMaria Bliven

Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven grew up in Warwick, New York. She joined the US Army and served a total of 26 years in the armed forces. She spent 15 of those years in roles that enabled her to better the lives of her fellow soldiers. As an Army Career Counselor, she revitalized current programs and procedures leading to higher service member retention rates.

She left the service in 2008 after achieving the rank of Master Sergeant. Since then, she’s applied her entrepreneurial spirit and servant’s heart to start seven nonprofits, earning four degrees and two certifications in her field. Additionally, she has written three books and founded two companies that she led as CEO: Prosperity Pathways LLC and Onward and Upward Inc.

Her passion in life is helping people find, apply for, and keep the best job possible. Through her work in deprived areas and the fact that her fellow soldiers struggle to find work after leaving the service, she has created a formula that allows her clients to find their way to prosperity.

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