DMing for the price and praying to Data Sahib


There’s a lot to say this week, starting with the classic question of why Instagram stores insist on having you ‘DM for the price’. On the same note, I also think back to an old story and think about arbitrage on instagram “thrift stores” selling “pre-loved” clothes. I also discuss the culture of startups and some very interesting services offered on Fiverr. All of this and more in this week’s social media roundup:

  1. DM for the price

Being an Instagram seller is tough. You have to manage orders and deal with DMs. As a consumer, “DM for price” is the biggest barrier to buying from a page. However, here Manahyl shows us the other side of the picture. It’s not so rosy for sellers when they quote prices and feel ashamed for them. However, it shows the Pakistani approach of haggling over prices – degrading a product you like until the seller gives you a discount.

That said, the end goal of a small business is also to make money. Not displaying prices deters potential customers. Our advice would be to get rid of the “DM for the price” and ignore the rude customers who try to intimidate you into lowering the prices. Remember, always know your worth and the value of your products, don’t take rudeness, but also know your target market enough to give them what they want so that you can maximize profits.

2. Online field

We have already written about this arbitration in thrift stores and arbitration in which these instagram pages participate. “Organized content” lol. You have to hand it over to enterprising young minds to move forward and make money that way. There are a lot of young students going into the business and making it a decent side business by quickly recognizing brands domestically and knowing about social media marketing. That said, the disgust that surrounds the nature of business is not easy to bear.

3. The booming service economy

I wish there was someone I could pay to go to random weddings for me. Capitalism is great. On a completely independent note, our assistant editor offers a similar service. For exactly Rs 6,000 he will go to your wedding, stand alone in a corner with a single tear hanging from the corner of his eye and sing “channa mereya” to make everyone at the wedding think you had a mysterious ex. that no one knew. He hasn’t chosen Fiverr yet, but feel free to email him for more details on the service.

{Editor’s note: We do not guarantee the quality of the performance of “channa mereya”. All we can confirm is that he will actually sing it and people will notice it.}

4. Starter culture

Start-up culture is at the forefront. Honestly, nothing better than waking up to work. Basically you wake up and start working out in bed. It’s life. No work, just vibrations. That and fake some numbers on the business time just for the lols.

5. HR would like a word!

You have to watch this video to get the tweet, sorry readers printed. I don’t know about everyone, but working from home feels natural to me at this point. I don’t even remember my life before.

{Editorial staff note: We think Ariba is forgetting that Profit started working from the office a few weeks ago. We don’t want to criticize you here, but HR might want to drop you a line.}

6. Collective headaches

This is because the demand for paracetamol has increased due to the headaches that the talk shows are giving us. It’s actually a miracle that production has almost doubled and hasn’t increased more than that.

7. Early to tweet, early to confess

Very rare to see a government official come out openly and explain in detail what went wrong and also admit his mistake. However, all of this could have been avoided if the ministry was not in a rush to tweet to stay relevant.

8. Some puzzling figures

If you work in the financial industry, numbers are your bread and butter. We all know that SBP and PBS data show different numbers depending on whether the accounting procedure is different, and so does the calculation method. However, having a minister tweeting different data results in looking at three different digits for a parameter. It’s just plain boring and causes more confusion in the market than one would like.


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