Dealer Profit Services Announces Record 2021 Results – 5% Net F&I Profit on Unit Sales


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Dealer Profit Services Posts Industry Record F&I Results

We are absolutely thrilled to have delivered record results to our dealers. Generating 5.0% F&I net profit is an excellent result and we fully intend to improve it. »

—Myril Shaw

ATHENS, GEORGIA, USA, Jan. 24, 2022 / — Dealer Profit Services, a leading provider of financial services to the marine and RV industry, just reported record results for 2021.

Outcomes for financial service providers in these industries are measured in terms of the benefits provided to dealer partners.

In 2021, Dealer Profit Services achieved an F&I net profit of 9.2% on the funded amount and an F&I net profit of 5.0% on unit sales. The industry benchmark is 3.5% net M&I profit on unit sales.

“There is no doubt that 2021 has been an unusual year in many ways. That said, it was a year in which F&I could have been badly affected. We are absolutely delighted to have delivered record results to our dealers. Generating an F&I net profit of 5.0% is an excellent result which we fully intend to improve. That said, our dealers achieved record F&I profits and we are delighted for them!” said Myril Shaw, Chief Operating Officer of Dealer Profit Services. He also said, “We’ve locked down and loaded the process and formula for great dealer profit. We’re excited to deliver this to dealers everywhere. It’s exciting to see other providers try to make news on trade communications and other features that have always been our hallmark while delivering lesser results”

Dealer Profit Services is a financial services provider providing comprehensive F&I services, from processing credit applications to communicating with customers about contract terms and protection product options to the full production of financing documents and delivery. Services are available anywhere in the United States and at a fixed percentage of F&I profit that is lower than any other provider and lower than any in-house F&I offering.

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