Crypto platform WazirX to add Profit & Loss feature


In line with Diwali celebrations and the trend of providing its consumers with a seamless cryptocurrency experience, India-based crypto exchange WazirX has introduced the highly anticipated Profit & Loss feature.

Users had been eagerly awaiting the release of this feature for quite some time, and when it was made available for beta testing, they provided feedback to the crypto platform.

The WazirX product team refined and improved the feature in response to user feedback and suggestions in preparation for its rollout to all users.

The add-on feature attempts to improve the trading experience and helps users see how much money they have won and lost using WazirX to trade cryptocurrencies.

The feature reduces the time users had to invest in manually calculating their gains or losses after viewing the trade report.

Users can now visualize their portfolios using absolute P&L, average buy for each asset, and many additional sophisticated P&L calculation models.

The feature shortens the work users had to do to manually calculate their profit/loss after viewing the trading report.

Users can now view their portfolios with absolute P&L, average buy for each asset, and various other advanced models to calculate P&L. The feature has a simple yet powerful UX design. Additionally, the “P&L View” can also be customized for assets/tokens.

Commenting on these initiatives, Rajagopal Menon, VP Marketing, WazirX, said, “Profit & Loss is an integral part of any market, and the crypto market is no stranger to it. Being a younger asset class, market volatility in the crypto market is extremely high. To ensure that our traders have – a broader perspective when investing in assets and also insight into the performance of their portfolio holdings so that they can easily plan their next move in the market, we have introduced the highly anticipated P&L function.


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